Tuesday, November 9, 2010


By Ann Morris
4/5 ***

            I thought this book was a very good example of a melting pot situation. The book doesn’t have a specific plotline, but is a collection of photographs of people around the world doing different types of work. It shows different looking “mommies” working and different “daddies” working different types of jobs, and the message of the book is that we are all people who work hard to achieve our goals in life.

           This book has very few words, and I think the main focus and main value are the photographs. I think it is a good book for beginning or struggling readers, because it still has a complex meaning even though there are so few words. It would be a great way to introduce a social studies unit on different cultures or communities and different jobs people do. Everyone has a role in our society, and we are all working together towards our individual and societal goals.

               In the back of the book, there are detailed descriptions of the situations going on in each picture. There is information on what the person is doing and where the photograph was taken. I think this gives the book more credibility, especially in the eyes of the students, to
know that these are real people who are actually doing this type of work in the world right now. It also is a tool to help students who want to further their knowledge on a certain type of work or about a certain geographic area; this is a great way to spark interest or to be a gateway to a research project of some sort. So, despite the few words, I think there are some great ways to incorporate this book into the classroom.

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