Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Woodson Experience

        After reading some of Woodson's books, both novels and picture books, I think she is one of the most thought-provoking and talented authors I have read.  She has a way of addressing such tough issues and controversial topics, yet she doesn't lose quality of writing or literary elements.  I think a couple major literary elements she uses especially effectively are metaphor and symbolism.  Because she is often addressing such tough topics, I think these are great to take advantage of.
        I found myself really connecting to her characters and becoming emotionally invested both in her novels and picture books.  I think it takes such a special author to create these feelings for the reader, and it makes her message so much more powerful and meaningful.
       I really want to commend Woodson for writing about topics many authors scare away from (homosexuality, poverty, segregation, racism, family, religion, bullying, friendship and disabilities/difference among MANY other), and as a future teacher, I definitely want to incorporate her and her books into my classroom.  I think is is so important for us as educators to incorporate discussions on these topics in the classroom, especially before students come across them in real life.  So many of these topics are still causing so many problems in our society today, and in order to change things for the future, we need to start with teaching acceptance and equality to our children and students.
          I can honestly say that, although I have only just learned of Woodson in this class, I think that she is such an admirable person and author, potentially one of my new favorites, and I know I will incorporate some of her books into my classroom, and hopefully get the chance to teach some of her novels.

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